Telford Athletic Club are always looking for Volunteers to help at the club and the many events we attend.

We are always looking for coaches to help run training sessions, courses are available and the club will fund them. Please contact John Mason for more information.

We need Team Managers for each Team attending meets, this involves Team selection and submitting team to organiser, handing out numbers on the day and supporting athletes at the events.

If you feel you could help with this please contact Graham Merrington.

The club also needs to take Technical Officials and will be awarded points for each Official they take and there is a risk of points deducted if we don't provide any.

If you are interested in supporting and helping the club in this way please contact Elaine Davies for more information or speak to an Official you'll see at the events.

We are a friendly bunch and have fun while making sure the competitions are run competently and fairly for all Athletes.

We work in a team with eveyone supporting each other.

The club will pay for your initial training course so no financial outlay is needed and a club T-shirt/polo shirt is provided on qualification.