Our famous midweek series of races of distances between 5KM and 5M April to September

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Latest Results 

5M (measured)
Wed 27-April-2022 7.00pm
The 5 mile course, all on roads and pavements from Lilleshall National Sports Centre TF10 9AT. Allow a ten minute walk to get from the car park to the start of the race and registration.


Dawley 5KM (measured)
Wed 18-May-2022 7.30pm
Registration at : TBC Parking - Series runners who do not need to register on the night, there are 4 large public car parks either side of the High Street, where the start and finish is.
Registration, parking and presentation all at Telford Langley Sports Centre, TF4 3JS.


4ml (approx)
Wed 15-June-2022 7.30pm
On the tracks & paths of Granville Country Park, from The Shropshire Golf Club TF2 8PQ
Allow time for a 15 minutes walk to get from the car park to the start of the race.


Wed 6-July-2022 7.30pm
A re-measured, flat fast road course in Telford Town Park from Telford Rugby Club TF4 3NZ


4ml (approx)
Wed 20-July-2022 7.30pm
A race through the historic Ironbridge Gorge from the Tontine Hotel TF8 7AL


Wed 7-September - 2022 7.00pm
On paths and roads from Harper Adams University TF10 8NB


Start Times Races 1 & 6 start at 7pm Races 2, 3, 4, 5 start at 7:30pm

Race Numbers and Race Information
All series race numbers will be sent out before the night of the first race.
Single race numbers will be sent out before the night of race entered.
Numbers for each single race entry can only be used once, if you wear the same single race entry number to a subsequent race , you will be removed from the results.
Series entry numbers must be kept and worn for the duration of the series.
If numbers are lost or chip damaged, this will be replaced at a cost to the runner of £x which can be purchased on the night.


DO NOT run with a damaged number, your run may not be registered. Look after your Chipped Number! Don’t wash, Don’t Fold, Don’t Loose It!

The entry system will re-open once each event in the series has finished, allowing single race entry to the next race.

How do I know if I am entered? There is a link to a live entrants list for each of our on line stores so you can check your name is there and eye up the competition!

If you have entered and your name is not on the list, please contact us by emailing avtimingstaffs@gmail.com

What happens if I loose or don't receive my number?
1. If not received prior to first race of the series collect replacement from race HQ on the night of the first race FOC
2. Subsequent lost or damaged numbers would need to be paid for by the runner and collected on the night.
What’s my Category?


Traditionally ladies are described as Seniors up to and including thirty-four and Men up to and including thirty-nine.

For the Sexarathon Series, Categories are Seniors (male and female) up to age 35, and then in five year age bands up to age 80, and are based on your age as at Race 1 on 27 April 2022.
What happens if I can’t take part?
Very nearly all event entries are non-refundable and this decision is down to the organiser of the individual race. As per the Race Declaration, entries for the Sexarathon Series are non-refundable and non-transferable.


iPods/MP3 PLAYERS ETC. AND YOUR SAFETY We take your safety very seriously. The officials and marshals around the course are there to help and guide you, and you need to be able to hear and respond to them and other members of public around you, at all times. Regular Headphones aren't permitted at any of the series events, except the Vic Musgrove, as this race is on paths closed to traffic. We would encourage all runners to leave their headphones at home, as it is at the clubs discretion, to remove any runner from the results if found to be disregarding the rule. If headphones have to be worn, they must be bone conducting headphones.

Where can I find the results?
The results will be available (usually on the evening of the race) on the Telford AC website : Sexarathon page and also on the Sexarathon Facebook page.

They will also be available live at avtiming.com/results
Good luck with your training and have a great run.


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