The Sportshall programme provides a highly enjoyable way for young athletes to try running, jumping and throwing. It gives a taste of track and field events in a safe environment. 

The emphasis is on the importance of team competition and fair play, taking part, doing your best and being part of the team is more important than winning alone. 


We have 4 meetings per season in the Shropshire Sportshall league. Individuals are selected on their performance to represent Shropshire at the regional competition. 


Age groups:

U11s:  Year 5+6

U13s:  Year 7+8  

U15s:  Year 9+10


Provisional dates for 2021/22 season are: 

Match 1: 10 October 2021, Oswestry

Match 2: 14 November 2021, Telford

Match 3: 09 January 2022, Wenlock

Match 4: 06  February 2022, Oswestry


Manager: Branka Sukara-Fielding


Last season results: